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Molana Red

"Rarely have the words harrowing, hopeless, and perilous ever been attached to a wine release. Those phrases are the opposite of what people think when picturing winemaking. Yet, those words perfectly describe the story told in the recently released documentary, Somm: Cup of Salvation, and the accompanying limited-release vintage the story revolves around.

The movie tells the story of Armenian winemaker Vahe Keushguerian and his Quixotic quest to make the first commercial Iranian wine since the Islamic Revolution in 1979 toppled an ages-old industry in the region. Employing subterfuge, sleight of hand, and a passion worthy of cinematic hero Indiana Jones, Keushguerian weaves his way through a complicated country shrouded to most of the Western world. His driving passion is introducing the world to ancient grapes that modern wine has forgotten.
" -Forbes

This is the first modern wine that has been made using Iranian grapes since 1979. Made with 100% Rasheh grapes sourced from Sardasht region of Iran close to the Iraqi border and the Kurdish areas.

Using native yeast fermentation and followed by a 40-day maceration to preserve the uniqueness of the grape variety, this wine has become something indeed unique. Its taste profile is different. It has the cherry, the blackberry and the cassis, along with some herbs, but they taste somehow different. There's spice, particularly black pepper and green pepper. It took a while to open up but once it did, the elegant fruit was evident. It is a medium bodied wine with a medium to long finish.

This wine pays tribute to the Persian poet Rumi who was known as Molana or “our teacher”.

A small amount of this wine was imported to the United States and Renegade was lucky enough to receive a few cases.
The 2021 Molana Red is $90/bottle.

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