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Marcel Lapierre

By now, with this thirty-fourth consecutive vintage of the domaine’s Morgon, many are familiar with the significance of the name Lapierre. Kermit summed it up concisely in 1992 when he wrote, “Lapierre is the Beaujolais Renegade who does not chaptalize, does not add yeasts, and does not filter.” The rejection of industrialized, production-oriented agriculture in favor of the labor-intensive traditional farming his father and grandfather practiced marked a turning point in the Beaujolais and beyond, as countless vignerons would later follow in his footstep.

We have a very special trio of wines for you this weekend; a Beaujolais for every occasion so to speak.

Allow us to explain.


It's early in the week so we'll begin with the 2023 Marcel Lapierre Raisins Gaulois ($24), the lighter of the three; a perfect chillable red for sipping on a Tuesday afternoon before heading out to dinner; a wine perfect to share at Book Club or over a game of Backgammon. Perhaps the best glouglou you'll find. This vintage is especially savory and addictive!


Thursday's a night to step it up a bit; perhaps a few bites at Gala, a plate of House-Smoked Spare Ribs at The Daisy, or whip up a quick Greek Salad with grilled Salmon at home.
The 2023 Marcel Lapierre Le Beaujolais ($35) is the perfect wine for all of the above. Somewhat serious, somewhat playful, it's a wine that doesn't take itself too serious, just serious enough.  Loads of bright cherry and silky violets, layers of crunchy red and dark fruit, a real treat to complete your evening.


We have arrived at the weekend and it's time to experience the Yves Saint Laurent of our line-up, the 2022 Marcel Lapierre Morgon ($46); a Beaujolais to dress up for.
An absolutely classic wine from Morgan full of silky ripe fruit, earthy tones, and juicy energy. It's classy, affable, swanky, while retaining a whimsical demeanour.
Steak Tartare, Blanquette de Veau, Boeuf Bourguignon are just a few of the classic pairings. But why stop there? Bouillabaisse and Quiche Lorraine work just as well. Uncork a bottle Saturday night; you deserve it.

Pick up a 3-pack or two for the weekend. These are wines to make you smile.

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