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In great vintages (and 2019 was one of the best in memory), nine single-vineyard Barbarescos are produced from nine classic premium sites within the Barbaresco village boundaries: Asili, Rabają, Pora, Montestefano, Ovello, Pajč, Montefico, Muncagota, and Rio Sordo. These are the geographical names of sites where Nebbiolo grapes have always been cultivated. The extraordinary nine bottles below are the result of tireless work and attention to detail throughout the growing season.

Tasting these 9 wines with good food and great friends over the course of an evening is a memorable experience.

This is your chance to grab not one but all nine single vineyard expressions from the famed Produttori del Barbaresco. This cooperative is perhaps the most consistent and top of its class in the wine world today. Managing director and winemaker Aldo Vacca has once again guided Produttori del Barbaresco to one of the finest collections of wines of the 2019 vintage.

Through the weekend the 9-bottle Produttori pack is on sale for $725
(purchased separately = $828)

9 Vineyards

9 Vineyards


Ovello is the northernmost vineyard in the village of Barbaresco, higher on the sea level and dropping down to the river in a 300 feet, abrupt bluff. It is a relatively large area with a number of subzones with West and East exposure, all sharing a similar calcareous soils rich in clay. The extra clay and the cooler microclimate give the Ovello its exuberant and youthful quality in the fruit and its fuller body, which defines its distinctive personality. Explosive fruit on the palate and firm, sometime rough, tannins on the finish, these wines always bring a lot of joy to the palate and deliver powerful structure, that needs some years of bottle ageing to balance out.


A not widely known vineyard, yet highly sought after by the Barbaresco aficionados. It is often compared to the slightly larger and more famous Montestefano vineyard because of the similar soil (high calcium) and close proximity between the two. It lays half way between the Montestefano and the Ovello. Exposure is full South, therefore quite warm, but it is not unusual for Montefico to have brisk morning hours during the growing season because of the cooler northern wind that occasionally funnels in from the Tanaro River and into the narrow valley between the villages of Barbaresco and Neive. Austere when young and somehow less fleshy than Montestefano, it shows a beautiful mineral finish. It produces wines with the breed of any classic Barbaresco and with incredible complexity behind the tannins.


It is one of the vineyards with higher concentration of calcium in the soil that gives to the wine a powerful tannic structure. The extra heat of the South facing slope is responsible for the Montestefano full body and almost meaty texture. It is deep flavored wines with massive tannins, but quite ripe and well integrated in the wine because of the warm exposure. In a wet season its grapes can hold rain well and it is usually the last one to be picked among the Barbaresco vineyards. For all these reason it is probably the Barbaresco that more reminds of Barolo where tar and roses prevails on the refined violet flavors. Despite this massive attitude remains a true Barbaresco, never too heavy on the palate and with a classy finish that lingers on the palate without overwhelming your senses.



This vineyard is a small bowl facing South/West and it lies between the village itself and the famous Asili vineyard. However Pajč is slightly lower in altitude and the vineyard is more open to the Tanaro River influence resulting in a cooler microclimate. The soil is limestone with high calcium level. In result the wine combines elegance and complexity with intense tannins and it is never shy in acidity. The latter makes Pajč somehow sharper and brighter in its first years, with lovely youthful fruit and flowery notes, almost minty in cooler vintages. Pajč is particularly attractive after some ageing, when the wine still retains a fruitful and fresh palate.


This single vineyard looks South/East, facing the cooler morning sunshine instead of the warmer afternoon sun. Because of that, the Muncagota vineyard shows beautiful floral characteristics and often a specific mint character on the nose. Calcareous soil and a low level of sand gives to the wines of Muncagota extremely focused fruit and firm, stylish tannin. Muncagota is a perfect example of the elegant and intense qualities that make Barbaresco one of the most interesting and unique wines of the world.


Proximity to the Tanaro River creates a unique microclimate for the Pora, a beautiful hill with West and South exposures, while the northern side of the hill is an abrupt bluff that drops into the river and where the famous white truffles can be find on season. Due to the proximity to the valley floor, Pora is relatively warm in the early morning hours, but breezy with slightly higher humidity through most of the day. Soil fertility is slightly higher here and this gives to the wine a smoother character, tannins are soft and the aromas always tend to open up in the early years of life.



This spectacular vineyard has created in the past some of the greatest Barbaresco and it has a strong following all over the world. The main part of the Asili vineyard is a protected bowl facing South/West, next to Pora, but farther away from the river and the valley influence with warmer and less breezy microclimate during most of the summer. To the East, Asili ends with a bricco, top of the hill, also facing South/West and with a similar soil composition, bordering Rabają. The wine is intense, certainly not a full bodied Barbaresco, but nevertheless showing a very imposing personality. Usually quite closed in its youth it opens up slowly with impeccable complexity and style… a classic Barbaresco, and also one of the most distinctive vineyards of the region.


Rabają produces a quintessential Barbaresco, one of the most complete and balanced of the single vineyards. The vineyard lays at the conjunction of the two main ridges that form the Barbaresco village, one starting at Rabają and going West towards the Tanaro River (with progressively less calcium and higher fertility in the soil) and the other one that goes from Rabają to Ovello, South to North (with higher calcium content in the soil). The meeting of these two different soils give to Rabają its incredible complexity. Bordering both Asili and Muncagota it combines the personality of those two great vineyards with and extra richness due to the South/West warm exposure.

Rio Sordo

The vineyard is a long, South/West exposed hillside in the southern part of the Barbaresco village, not far from the river. The light limestone soil with relatively low calcium content compared to other areas of Barbaresco produces wines where tannins are never dominant, instead they show a silky quality on the palate that makes them extremely attractive and seductive, never imposing, always elegant. Behind the smooth elegance however, lies a core of powerful structure and very well balanced tannins that give to the Rio Sordo its complexity and longevity. 

And that concludes our primer on Produttori's single vineyards. We have a limited number of 9-packs available so if interested don't hesitate to reach out. Once again:

The 9-bottle Produttori pack is on sale for $725
(purchased separately = $828)

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