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2013 Ken Brown Pinot Noir Santa Barbara County $30
What a great guy. We had the pleasure of tasting with him a few weeks ago and were once again astounded at how beautiful his wines are. Please introduce yourself with this Santa Barbara County Pinot.
We also purchased his Radian Vineyard Pinot Noir (STUNNING!) $72
and his La Encantada Pinot Noir (BRILLIANT!) $60

2014 Palazone Orvieto Classico $12
Refreshing, vibrant, sexy, this wine has style! And what a price!!!

2010 Uccelliera Brunello di Montalcino $72
From a very small winery in Montalcino. This wine is suave, medium-bodied, and pure, clean, marvelous Sangiovese. One of our favorite producers. And don't forget: the 2010 vintage was as near-perfect as one can be.

2013 Small Vines Chardonnay Sonoma Coast $55
From a unique, high-density vineyard on the coast comes this well-crafted, exciting Chardonnay which Wine Spectator labeled "Outstanding". Open the bottle & taste the wine. It's an experience. And this baby will age. On Day 3 we found that it had really reached its pinnacle! That's amazing. In stock today.

2013 Badia a Coltibuono Chianti Classico $20
Chianti is really hitting its stride these days. Gone (or the most part) are those thin, sourish cherry wines lacking both body and structure. This Chianti for instance, is what in our minds represents brilliant craftmanship, while maintaining tradition reached by simply carrying for the vineyards and let the wine really make itself. In short: really good Chianti for a fare price!

2014 Cirelli Montepulciano d'Abruzzo $16
It's a lady bug, yes, because their vineyards are full of them. Organic since the beginning, this wine is both light, refreshing, balanced, and addictive. It's our go-to red these days when cooking a simply burger, grilling portabellos, or sipping on the back porch as the evening approaches dusk.

A entire wave of Colin-Morey wines have arrived including his Bourgogne Blanc,
Saint Aubin Champlots & Saint Aubin La Pucelle.
Call to reserve.

2012 Colombera & Garelle Bramaterra $34
A blend of mostly Nebbiolo with a little Croatina thrown in from the appellation of Bramaterra in the far Northen part of Piedmonte.
After the first sip there was no doubt; this was an epic discovery. Stop by and discover the wine yourself!

2014 Padrillos Malbec $10
Yes, we finally have a Malbec from Argentina. And it's really ten dollars.
Lighter in style, very clean with bright acidity, this is your everyday sipper that over-delivers.

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and have a wonderful New Year!
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